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            National Service Hotline:15862057666
            ADD: NO.340 NORTH RENMIN
            ROAD, DAFENG 224100, CHINA.
            CONTACT: IVAN
            MOB:+86 158 6205 7666
            TEL: +86 515 8391 4286
            FAX: +86 515 8391 4288
            E-mail: sales@lixichina.com

            ABOUT US

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            Li Xi Jiangsu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a miniature air compressor production, marketing, services, export trade as one of the specialist,Have the right to export。The company covers an area of 42,000 square meters, of which 36,000 square meters production plant. The plant has a first-class, advanced production equipment and testing equipment。
              Specializes in a variety of piston air compressors,And a variety of complementary products, electric air compressor,Production of air compressor products are widely used in textile, paper, printing and dyeing, plastics, construction, aquaculture, metal decoration, dust, paint, sand blasting and pneumatic machinery industry,Through the ISO9001 quality system certification, CCC certification, and the "Top 10 Chinese air quality brand of People with Disabilities"。Products with good quality, best-selling first-class after-sales service at home and abroad。
              In the company of "integrity, innovation," the purpose of the production of "Come force" brand series of air compressors will be to create brilliant。