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            National Service Hotline:13815566521
            ADD: NO.340 NORTH RENMIN
            ROAD, DAFENG 224100, CHINA.
            CONTACT: IVAN
            MOB:+86 138 1556 6521
            TEL: +86 515 8391 4286
            FAX: +86 515 8391 4288
            E-mail: sales@lixichina.com

            What factors should be considered in the purchase of air compressor?

            Compressed air compressor oil and water and other impurities how to solve?

            Air compressor energy saving more than 35% is true?

            Why mechanical gold technology services why popular?

            Do you choose to save your time and effort?

            Air compressor energy saving on behalf of the whole set of air pressure system energy saving?

            Full range of service support free of your worries

            Whether it is in the warranty period, or warranty, maintenance by mechanical force, accessories supply, maintenance within 7 days of return

            ABOUT US

            Jiangsu Lixi Machinery Co., Ltd.

              Jiangsu Lixi Machinery Co., Ltd. China's small and micro air compressor production, sales, service, export trade as one of the specialized companies, with the right to self export. Company covers an area of 42000 square meters, of which production plant of 36000 square meters. Has advanced plant, advanced production equipment and testing equipment.
            The company is specialized in producing all kinds of piston type air compressor, air compressor and all kinds of electrical accessories, air compressor products are widely used in the production of textile, papermaking, printing and dyeing, plastics, building, aquaculture, hardware decoration, dust, painting, sandblasting, mechanical pneumatic industry. Our products are sold well all over the world with good quality and excellent after-sales service.

            News information

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