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            • Operating specification
            • 2017/4/21  Reading Time:[1891]
            • 1, air compressor lubricating oil, in general to high oil (Oilness) and contains oxidation agent, not easy to oxidative deterioration, not easy to foam, and residual carbon bottom, flash fire point high ideal, due to a wide variety of ordinary common people have:
              A 13 "compressor oil (winter oil)
              B 19 "compressor oil (summer oil)
              2, please keep the oil surface in the oil mirror middle red circle, too much waste gas in the lubricating oil, and easy to make carbon gas valve, too little is usually due to poor lubrication, the burn or wear. So the oil level should be kept in the red circle.
              3, color black or oil pollution (approximately every 500 hours later), please change the oil again.
              4, please change the crankcase oil drain plug unscrew the bottom first, with cardboard or other objects will be derived from waste oil, oil down the net, and then tighten the bolt oil (preferably in oil suppository coated with adhesive or dental check paste, and to prevent leakage), in the open fuel cap to add new oil to oil red circle in the middle
              5, do not add new oil during operation
              6, avoid using strong lubricating oil and other miscellaneous oil waste oil