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            • Matters needing attention
            • 2017/4/21  Reading Time:[1929]
            • 1, check the screws or nuts, whether there is loose
              2, belt tightness is appropriate
              3, the pipeline is normal, the oil level is appropriate
              4, wire and electrical switches are in line with the provisions of the boundaries are correct
              5, the fulcrum is fixed or stationary casters.
              6, compression is the belt pulley is easy to hand rotation
              7, compressor work, it is best to idle more than 2 to 3 minutes, and then normal operation
              8, check whether the direction of operation and the arrow pointing to the same, if not at the same time, three-phase motor three power supply can be any of the two can be exchanged
              9, air cleaner to check whether there is pollution, often to remove the filter cotton cleaning (with oil) or replacement, in order to maintain good air filtration effect
              In 10, the daily use of air compressor, unscrew the barrel drain valve, the condensate water inside the drum and oil, eliminate clean.
              11, air compressor cylinder head and pipe part for compressed air and heating, the general temperature was very high, this is the inevitable phenomenon is not abnormal.
              12, in the operation of the air compressor in the event of power failure or use, please cut off the power supply to ensure safety